D.A.T.E Sneakers

Hill Low Pony White-Leopard Trainers | D.A.T.E Sneakers

We love a bit of Leopard!! These classic Hill Low Trainers feature cotton laces, etched square logo, black nubuck leather side stripe and a leather back patch color black. For extra comfort they are lined with leather and cotton terry and a 2.5 cm-high raised insole.
All materials used are Made in Italy.
Care Instructions:
We recommend following some instructions to maintain D.A.T.E. sneakers:

Avoid contact with water, alcohol-based products and any abrasive product in general. In case of contact with water, it is essential to let the sneakers dry completely before cleaning them.

Wipe smooth or textured leather with a soft, damp cloth. When the leather is completely dry, apply some good quality neutral cream in small circular motions with a soft cloth.

To clean the suede parts, use a dry soft bristle brush and carefully brush the individual suede parts.

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