Blue Summer Hues

This summer, it’s all about beautiful blue hues! From cerulean seas to bright sky azure, blue is making a splash in wardrobes everywhere! Blue adds a burst of bright colour to any summer outfit, making you look, and feel fresh amongst the summer sun.

Explore the blue tones from our Estheme Cashmere collection, including stunning woven linen and silk blend tops. Not only are these lovely to wear, but they are incredibly soft and cool feeling too. 

You can even pair our beautiful blue hue collections with some of our vibrantly designed tonal Cockatoo earrings. We have many stylish women’s accessories which can elevate your outfit of choice. Pairing blue hues with bright colours like coral or yellow can also create a playful, eye-catching ensemble, something that is sure to make your outfit really pop on a warm summer's day.

Let blue hues refresh your wardrobe and keep you looking cool in the summer months that are just around the corner. Whether you decide to go for a modern look with a bright aqua or keep it classic with a dark navy blue, there’s a shade of blue to suit every mood and occasion here at Sarah Thomson.

Embrace the blues and make a stylish splash this season!

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